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I noticed that this blog has attracted several followers in the last few days. I suspect this is because this (neglected) blog is under the same WordPress account of my main blog, If you are following me on (the one I am writing this post in) because you want to see my new photos and other posts, I thank you and I suggest you follow

The Shy Connector

Sacha Chua came to my attention years ago by her helpful posts in a Usenet newsgroup about Emacs. She travels around the world preaching socialness online. And she says she’s shy. So who better to tell us about how shy people can go out and connect to others? Read all about it here. (Via Shirley Wu on

To say goodbye to 2007, a little post on zotero. Oh, and a pledge for more frequent posting next year…

I have seen before. I just read an article on which reminded me of it (Internet Access is Only Prerequisite for More and More College Classes) and I thought I would look at zotero again.

Zotero is a Firefox extension built to help scholars organize their documents, research, bibliographic information, and notes. It is a creation of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University; see for all the info, and to download it. Don’t miss the video clips in the Quick Start Guide page.
There are such programs for various operating systems already. For instance, I have DEVONThink on the Mac, and in the past have used a shareware”knowledge-base” program on Windows. But because zotero runs on Firefox, I can use it on my Ubuntu Linux-running laptop and my Mac and on whatever new computer comes along. I’m looking forward to getting to know zotero better in the weeks to come.

Security vulnerability fixed in

According to CNET and other sources, there is a security vulnerability in the handling of WMF images in versions of up to 2.0.4. The latest version, 2.1, does not have this vulnerability. Users of versions previous to 2.1 can install and use 2.1, or get a patch from In a brief visit to the site I was not able to find the patch. I have already, however, installed version 2.1 on our iMac, and that’s probably the best course of action for users, and the easiest to do once you are visiting the web site.