Beware public wifi hotspots

This warning from David Pogue, no less, and the tsk tsk from Gina Trapani. Courtesy Lifehacker.


Larry Lessig publishes "Code v2"

Here’s a second edition of Lessig’s book (first edition in 1999), done partly by wiki. It should not be amazing, after we’ve seen Wikipedia, yet I am amazed that it worked. The book is about the conceptual foundations needed for the intelligent design of cyberspace (where “intelligent” is taken to mean also the desire to preserve individual liberty in cyberspace).
The book is freely downloadable from the above link, and I’m eager to read it (confession: I never read the first edition of Code, but I have read Lessig’s Free Culture and was intrigued and completely convinced about the evils of indefinite copyright extensions and other such government handouts to “intellectual property” holding corporations).
Curious? Read the About page on the site.

Books on demand in libraries soon?

Originally from, here is an article about a machine that would print and bind simultaneously two books on demand in about seven minutes. Apparently a large number (2.5 million, one of which in English) of out-of-copyright protection books are available and several libraries will have the machine in 2007. The New York Public Library is said to plan to have it in February.