Blog changes

Hello, multitudes of readers (for Very Low Values of “multitude”). I thought I’d point out some changes I’ve made to the blog recently. The visual redesign is obvious if you actually visit the blog (but you would have no idea it happened if you only read the RSS feed). But I also added a widget on the right panel that shows the most recent items I have shared via the Google Reader service. Should you want to check out all items I have shared there, the URL is I find that I use Google Reader more and more to set aside notable tidbits I want to share. My recent discovery of the feedly Firefox extension has accelerated this process, as I now find perusing Google reader and sharing items from there in various ways (the above, but also via Twitter, Facebook and email) much more pleasant.

Geeky: online research tool site

Academics know JSTOR as an online repository for research published in prestigious journals. The repository reaches quite a ways back in the past. The JSTOR project now has an online “data for research” service. From the “about” page to which the previous link points:

Features provided by the site include:

  • Full-text and fielded searching of the entire JSTOR archive using a powerful faceted search interface. Using this interface one can quickly and easily define content of interest through an iterative process of searching and results filtering.
  • Online viewing of document-level data including word frequencies, citations, key terms, and ngrams.
  • Request and download datasets containing word frequencies, citations, key terms, or ngrams associated with the content selected.
  • API for content selection and retrieval.

ADDED: credit for this goes to Amanda French, whose tweet pointed me to the data for search service.