Are business schools harmful to the economy?

Here is a discussion from the Economist. As a faculty member who is a refugee from a business school, I have to agree with the argument that an MBA encourages arrogance at the same time it does not force its students to master complicated things such as financial derivatives very well. Intellectual rigor does not fit with business school culture in most schools, if not all of them, and certainly the majority of MBAs avoid the really hard classes, as discussed in the article. But they do learn to be overconfident and lead their businesses to disasters via unethical behavior, in perhaps a small number of cases, and via dealing with things they do not understand, in probably a huge number of cases.


4 thoughts on “Are business schools harmful to the economy?”

  1. B-school students were consistently my worst. Consistently. In my vast teaching experience of 2 semesters at a school with a b-school. And guess what: now Drew has one too! No English Ph.D., but a b-school … don’t get me started.

  2. What was it Hamlet said? First thing, kill all the … MBAs? The updated Hamlet, that is. *NOTE: This is in no way meant to suggest violence, even against the incorrigibly stupid.

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