Anathem by Neal Stephenson: my page on this book

I just started on Here is my first book page there: Anathem

The Web 2.0 presidential campaign morphs into the Web 2.0 transition. What a brilliant domain name to have thought of getting ahead of time! And the website itself looks good. If Obama succeeds in getting the White House more open to the public, that would be one great thing to accomplish, among all the other great things so many people expect from him.

Stand up for open access…

…and voila: you get it! At least, if you are the entire faculty of the Harvard Law School or the School of Education at Stanford. I found this inspirational blog post by John Willinsky by following a post by Michael Nielsen on Friendfeed; it tells you more about the story at Harvard and at Stanford.

I see great potential in the idea that entire University-wide faculties would put pressure on journal publishers to allow the published papers to also appear in open-acess archives. My favorite sentence fragment from the blog post by Willinsky: “if you want Harvard authors in your journal, then these are the terms”.