Having figured out how to post here my goodreads.com reviews, here’s one…

A Novel Neverwhere: A Novel by Neil Gaiman

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
It is funny that after a long period of reading (apart from work reading) only non-fiction, I felt the need to go back to fantasy, of all genres. Anathem had this effect.

I have read American Gods by Gaiman, and I liked his ability to build fantasy worlds. In Neverwhere this ability is in evidence again. The book paints a vivid image of an alternative London, under the cracks of the streets of the real London. To some extent, it reminded me of Terry Pratchett’s version of London (he calls it something else). The ordinary protagonist of Neverwhere tries to help a bleeding woman and ends up having a fantastical adventure underground.

Characters are painted very well, and the story moves forward irresistibly, with the right amount of humor to counterbalance the darkness of the main theme. I finished it in one day. It left me with some mind pictures that will endure for quite a while, but not with any strong admiration for Gaiman’s use of language.

I would call it a good escapism-aid.

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