2008 Swedish Bank Prize in Economics (“Nobel”) goes to Krugman

As he put it in his New York Times blog, Paul Krugman had a funny thing happen to him this morning. Here is the official press release, information for the public and the longer article with the scientific background, the latter of interest mostly to economists. I am not an expert in international economics or economic geography, but I do know that Krugman’s work was very influential in both fields, essentially resurrecting economic geography. Congratulations are in order. I also feel that the selection committee has made this year’s prize look like a political award, given Krugman’s violent criticisms of George W. Bush in the New York Times. While I share Krugman’s attitude on Bush, I do not like the politicization of the prize. I admit the politicization goes back many years, though, and indeed seems to apply to many if not all Nobel prizes. How else can we explain that Dario Fo got he literature prize but Vladimir Nabokov (or a number of other worthy candidates) did not?

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