More on the economic crisis

I find myself reading more and more items related to the current crisis than doing my work these days. I’m sure not the only one. So today, the day when the G-7 meeting came up with nothing concrete in the way of a plan, here are some things to read. First, Luigi Zingales, to whom I linked in this blog last month, now has an extensive proposal, his Plan B. Meanwhile, Vox EU, where he has published his Plan B, has put together a booklet on the crisis, written by several economists, that you can download for free. I refrain from putting my own spin on these, or making any predictions, as I am not a specialist on the topic. You can of course read Paul Krugman in the New York Times or any number of commentators and economists who maintain blogs. In fact, it’s almost too easy to not read anything else these days.


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