Girls better than boys at math?

Article in the Register. Caution: snarky author, forgets to mention that the female economist he’s criticizing has three male coauthors, while he’s happy to trash her math abilities with the implication that they are a natural aspect of her being female. However, the topic is interesting, and I wish I had time to check the claims against this research (which made it to Science, though, so presumably the grievous errors that the Register is pointing out might not be quite so grievous, unless the review process at Science has gone to the dogs).

Update: the Economist also has an article on this. It seems to be as high-quality as the typical Economist article, which is high indeed. I may just stop reading the Reg, even if their articles are often amusing.


2 thoughts on “Girls better than boys at math?”

  1. Have I mentioned, I like the format of the blog? Nice pic.

    I was much better at math when I was actually studying it. I rocked high school calculus.

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