Finished “Here Comes Everybody” by Clay Shirky

I finished this great book and passed it on to M. She is planning to write an article on online resources for psychology teachers, and she certainly can use some of these ideas and incidentally steer her readers to Shirky for more. Last night she watched his online video with a lecture on this (which I had discovered some time ago in and really liked it.

So what’s so great, again? Following up on my previous post on this book, I’d say the apparent ease with which Shirky finds good nuggets to generalize into themes in the “Web 2.0” flux that’s happening all around us so very, very fast. The concluding chapter that talks about the “promise”, “tool”, and “bargain” made a lot of things I half-understood before quite clear in my mind.

I’m not telling much more: it’s worth reading it for yourself, o reader of mine!


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