This is very interesting. Be sure to follow the links given, especially to the if:book site. It’s about a way to make the reading of a whole book, and annotating it, a web experience. Fascinating, once we really get used to the idea of reading scads of text on screen (I’m pretty used to it already, which I did not think I would be just a few years ago).

Economists: egotistical autistic nasties or just smarter and after the truth?

This posting on Greg Mankiw’s blog has the distinction of making me read it all the way to the end of its comments (as of about two-three minutes ago). The posting is dominated by an email from a medical resident who attends regularly inter-disciplinary seminars in which economists mingle with statisticians, sociologists, epidemiologists, physicians, and anthropologists. The email goes on to make several observations about the behavior of economists at such seminars, and quotes an economist who participated in at least one of the seminars and who gives a very self-satisfied view of the nature and intellectual acuity of economists. What better way of starting a big fight online than to assert that economists are simply smarter and more true searchers for truth than other social scientists? And how about saying that economists are less likely to have an agenda than other social scientists, who do advocacy of causes rather than science? Phew. You see why I read all the comments.

Will I point this posting out to my principles of economics students this coming year? Perhaps, but perhaps only to the honors class. I will most certainly mention it to my graduate students.

100 “must-see” websites

TEDBlog gives us a list of 100 websites they say every one must know and use frequently. I confess I don’t know a great many of them. I will post more when I discover which ones are the gems for me.

Follow-up: I’ve visited several of these sites. None which I did not already know thrilled me. It is worth mentioning the one I knew about that I am not using as much as I should be:, where you can search the scientific literature (like on Google Scholar).