Mac fixed

The Apple store had it fixed within hours of my dropping it off, and I picked it up tonight. It seems to be working fine now. I am happy that I asked to also have the RAM upgraded to 2 GB, as it is noticeably faster now. However, the Backup refuses to restore, still, so my iTunes library is history. I will try Apple support by phone on this tomorrow. On other things I had plain old backups I made with straight copying to external drives, so I think I have most of what I need back into my Documents folder.


2 thoughts on “Mac fixed”

  1. you’ll have to let me know what they say about your iTunes library — as I understand it, the iPod is strictly a one-way storage device unless you specifically set it to transport your tunes from one computer to another (which only works if your transfer is pre-planned). I have a stake in whatever they reply — my library was on our desktop, which is out of my hands now.

  2. Well, I found the message I was getting from Backup when I was attempting to restore, on the Apple support site, so I won’t even call. It’s hopeless; it’s because I had a faulty version of Backup when I did the original full backup. I should have redone the full backup when I got the newer version that supposedly deals with this issue, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time…. Argh!
    Oh, and, sadly, Tenley you are right: the iPod is one-way. But most of the iTunes library was ripped from CDs over many hours. Now that will have to be redone-:(

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