Even worse Mac trouble

So the iMac died again, this time really. Even the installation DVD can’t see the hard drive now, so I can’t reinstall the system. Appointment at the Apple store is for tonight. Let’s hope I’m coming home with a working machine. Then I’ll have to spend yet another day reinstalling stuff. Those with Macs, especially Intel-based, apparently should avoid the update to system 10.4.10 like the plague—and this is from Apple support (but it’s probably too late for most people).


3 thoughts on “Even worse Mac trouble”

  1. How’d the date with the genius go? Did you get a new hard drive? A new computer? Have to send yours away?


  2. The genius was pretty good. His diagnosis is hard drive failure. They need to order a replacement drive and install it, unfortunately they didn’t have one in stock. Even if they did, they would have had to keep it for a few days. The estimate is that it will take 3-6 days until we can pick it up. I took advantage of the occasion and bought some additional RAM for the iMac; they might as well install it while they are messing around replacing the hard drive.
    Lesson: back-up, back-up, back-up!
    The genius also suggested I make an appointment for another genius meeting when I know the machine is ready, and bring in my external hard drive so they can try to recover those backups that are refusing to be restored. We’ll see how it goes…

  3. And just to make it clearer, there is some reason to suspect that hard drive failure is a better explanation than a wonky system update, because such an update could not have happened when we were away, but the issues with hanging and slow performance manifested themselves immediately after we came back from the trip to the shore. All in all, maybe OS X version 10.4.10 is not the big culprit, although I will stay away from software updates for a while, I think, or at least I will make them only after thorough backups.
    Silver lining: there is a California Cafe at the King of Prussia mall, and we had a really nice dinner there.

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