Reading progress

I did finish Groopman’s wonderful book, and am still recommending it highly.
I am around page 180 of Taleb’s Black Swans, and I will skim the rest. Taleb has some good points, but all are known to the economists he bad-mouths on almost every page. Since I make a point to tell all my graduate students to be careful to question their assumptions and the reach of their models, Taleb’s insistence that economists are blind to this issue has become to grate so much that I cannot devote the book serious attention to the end. I have other, much better things to read.
One of them is the latest acquisition: Clive James’s Cultural Amnesia. This mammoth collection of essays garnered good reviews but no raves. A quick look at the bookstore revealed interesting tidbits on every page, so I got it.
Now, who’s going to invent a way to add about 12 hours to every day so I can do all the reading I want to do this summer?


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