Ariel Rubinstein’s "Freak-Freakonomics"

In taking a break from some heavy-duty graduate exam grading, I just read an article by Ariel Rubinstein, published in the Berkeley Economics Press’s The Economists’ Voice (article). This link requires some action (filling in information that will get one’s university library to think about subscribing to the BEPress stuff). As I didn’t want my librarian to get this sort of annoyance right at the beginning of the semester, I searched online for Rubinstein’s web site and found the article there. It did not take much effort and the result (found at the very bottom of this page) is well worth it. I highly recommend this article. Everybody can read it and absorb its message; it does not assume much of a background in economics at all, and it poses some highly needed challenging questions at our cultural practice of assigning economists a very high value. Rubinstein argues that economists are overpaid relative to, for instance, mathematicians. Read his article to see why, and to have good fun, too.


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