A few great software applications I use

All of these are Free/Open Source Software, all run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I’ve used them all, on some or all three of these operating systems. Follow the links to download; they are all free (but welcome donations).

Openoffice.org (yes, that’s the name) General office application, with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, drawing, mathematical equation editor, database.

LyX, a document processor, which is a WYSIWYM application (What You See Is What You Mean). Uses LaTeX in the background to typeset documents beautifully. Excels for long documents, or documents with many mathematical formulas. I am going to have my undergraduate students in the Mathematical Economics course use it for homework assignments this semester; I’m hoping that my assistant and I will not be too inundated with requests for help from the students.

The GIMP (don’t ask; the site explains the weird name). Great free photo/graphics manipulation application. Try the GIMPShop for an alternative interface that many people prefer.

More in a later post.


4 thoughts on “A few great software applications I use”

  1. Didn’t know about GIMPShop, so I downloaded its Windows version yesterday. I don’t remember what I did, but the very first thing I attempted caused it to crash. Not an auspicious start; I may just stick with the Windows version of The GIMP.

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