A reason why "Freakonomics" is a bad title

OK, there are many reasons for this: it doesn’t really tell you what’s in the book, the methods Levitt uses in his economic analyses are not freaky, it just sounds dumb…

But this reason was a new one for me, and funny. Be sure to visit the link to see the little movie.


2 thoughts on “A reason why "Freakonomics" is a bad title”

  1. Apparently the “onomics” market is becoming more competitive (positive profits draws …). Have you seen Stephen Shmanske’s “Golfonomics”?

  2. No, I haven’t seen this one yet. But Rob spied “Wikinomics” in the bookstore, while I read its review online, practically at the same time. Won’t be buying these (no time to read them).

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